Seminars 2019

A highlight of our Summer Academy was a series of STEM Lectures delivered by University Faculty and Researches on a wide range of STEM topics. These presentations exposed student to college-level material and offered a glimpse of original research and career pathways in each discipline. They were supported by Study Sections to help students understand the lectures and extend their knowledge with hands-on activities, 3D printing, labs, and group presentations.

Date Speaker/Lecturer Topic
July 1, 2019 Dave Wolczyk Student Orientation
July 2, 2019 Dave Wolczyk Seminar Orientation
July 3, 2019 Dave Wolczyk Sustainability and Development
July 8, 2019 Mark Roth Suspended Animation Biology
July 11, 2019 Franzi Roesner Tracking and Privacy on the Web
July 12, 2019 Dave Wolczyk Sustainable Energy
July 15, 2019 Dave Wolczyk Solar Power
July 16, 2019 Dave Wolczyk Electricity and Circuits
July 18, 2019 Todd Sperry Learning from Memory
July 19, 2019 Eric Chudler Journey into the Brain
July 22, 2019 Cody Schlenker Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
July 23, 2019 Cody Schlenker Fundamentals in Energy Storage
July 25, 2019 Brandi Cossairt Shining Light on Quantum Dots
July 26, 2019 Dave Wolczyk Solar Car Fundamentals/Introduction
July 29, 2019 Sara Goering Neurotechnologies, Ethics, and Agency
July 30, 2019 Christine Luscombe Making solar cells from plastic
August 1, 2019 Brian Johnson What is Power Engineering?
August 2, 2019 Dave Wolczyk  Solar Car Workday
August 5, 2019 Kat Huybers Climate change and changing ice
August 6, 2019 Dave Wolczyk Developing Data Intuition