Program Impact

2022-23 UW STEMsub Student Accomplishments

Summer Internships

  • Fred Hutch Cancer Institute
  • UW Changemakers in Computing
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute
  • Amazon Career Quest
  • Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) Scholars

Over $1,175,000 in Scholarships

  • 27 students earned WSOS
  • 10 Costco Diversity Scholars (UW Seattle)
  • 2 Costco Diversity Scholars (Seattle U)
  • One Presidential Scholar (UW Seattle)
  • Amazon Future Engineers
  • Other scholarships like Horatio Alger, Rotary International, and high school Alumni Association and more

Colleges Attended by UW STEMsub Graduates

UW STEMsub students are admitted to and attend a diverse range of colleges. We encourage students to consider their best fit and explore which colleges can best serve their needs and interests. More than half (58%) attend UW Seattle.


UW Seattle direct admission to:

  • College of Engineering (UW)
  • Computer Science (UW and Seattle U)
  • Neuroscience (UW)
  • Informatics (UW)
  • Biochemistry (UW)
  • Chemistry (UW)
  • Marine Biology (UW)
  • Nursing (Seattle U and SPU)