College Applications

There are three main types of college applications: The Coalition, Common App, and individual school applications. We will focus on the Common App since over 1,000 colleges use it, including the University of Washington and all other four-year colleges in Washington state.

Common Application

The Common App allows you to fill out one profile (personal information, education background, activities, personal statement, etc.) and use it to apply to many colleges. Some colleges require the Courses and Grades section, which will require you to self-report your transcript. Every college has their own specific section (this may include recommendations if required), but UW Seattle is the most specific.  See the following videos for step-by-step how-to instructions for the Common App.

Common App Intro:

Common App Profile:

Part 1: Profile and Family information

Part 2: Education Information

Part 3: Testing, Activities and Writing

Courses and Grades section

Overall Courses and Grades intro:

Detailed look at your Washington state transcript and entering it on Common App:

Specific scenarios: Full time and part-time Running Start, middle school courses listed on the high school transcript

Specific scenarios: UW MSUB or UW UB Summer Academy courses

Individual college sections and Recommenders

University of Washington section

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