Junior Year College To-do List

During junior year

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Continue doing well in your classes. Reach out to STEMstub for tutoring, advising, and other support!
  • Start a resume or activity log to keep track of your extra-curricular activities for job, internship, and college applications.
  • Mark your calendar for junior workshops with STEMsub! We are still figuring out workshop dates for the spring, so keep an eye out for an email or letter with dates.
  • Will you need to take the SAT? Check if the colleges you are considering still require the SAT.  If they do, register for the SAT using our fee waiver if you didn’t during the workshops. Fee waivers are used so you do not have to pay for test registration or sending scores.
  • When it is time to choose your senior year classes, be sure to register for a rigorous, full academic schedule. Check the CADRs to make sure you are on track to be eligible for a four-year college.
  • Look into and apply to summer internships or research opportunities.
  • Think about what good fit qualities you want in the colleges you apply to. What do you want from your future college environment.

Summer after junior year

  • Update your resume or activity log with all of the activities you have participated in throughout high school. Highlight leadership roles.
  • Register for another SAT, using a fee waiver, if you feel you need it. Check whether the schools you are applying to still require the SAT!
  • Work on a more polished personal statement – during Summer
    Academy, with Helen, on your own, or all three.
  • Double check to make sure you are on track to graduate high school and have the CADR requirements to qualify for college.