Technology Policies and Procedures

Technology Policies and Procedures

Technology Policies and Procedures

Use of UW Math Science Upward Bound (STEMsub) computers, network, and other equipment is a privilege, not a right, and students must utilize them in a responsible, respectful, and legal manner.

The following are prohibited when using UW STEMsub equipment, computers, or networks:

• Downloading and installing non-academic games, software, or apps without permission
• Viewing, sharing, creating, storing or downloading illegal or inappropriate materials
• Uploading, downloading, or creating computer viruses, spyware, or other malware
• Attempting to disrupt or harm other computers or networks or bypass security
• Harassing, insulting, threatening, or attacking others through online means

Additional conditions:
• Students are responsible for all activities that happen on this computer
• You may not loan your computer or accessories to anyone
• You should never share login information or passwords with anyone (except your parents)
• If your computer is damaged or stolen, report this to UW STEMsub within one school day
• Keep air vents unobstructed while using the computer
• Restart your computer at least once per week to get latest updates
• Store your computer in the case provided when not in use

Terms of loan:
• Students may check out a laptop computer for academic use while in UW STEMsub
• This computer must be returned on or before the date on the Equipment Sign Out Contract
• A replacement fee may be charged if the computer is not returned in good working condition with all accessories. This fee may be waived if the computer was stolen AND a police report is presented to UW STEMsub.

Acceptance of Terms of Technology Contract

By signing below, I agree to follow these Terms and Conditions for Technology Use and understand that UW STEMsub and UW computers are provided for educational purposes. I understand that any conduct violating these guidelines may result in loss of access to these resources or suspension or dismissal from the UW STEMsub program.