October 30, 2020

Summer 2019

Seminars 2019

A highlight of our Summer Academy was a series of STEM Lectures delivered by University Faculty and Researches on a wide range of STEM topics. These presentations exposed student to college-level material and offered a glimpse of original research and career pathways in each discipline. They were supported by Study Sections to help students understand…

Field Trips 2019

Picnic at Alki Beach Park July 5, 2019. Almost 100 students were joined by STEMsub staff at Alki Beach Park for the first field trip of summer academy.  The field trip served as a kick-off for the summer program and included games, ultimate rock-paper-scissors, human bingo, delicious food, and a knowledge bowl competition.  This field trip…

Classes 2019

STEM Lectures and Study Sections This class provides a series of seminars from experts in the selected STEM fields. Each seminar offers an introduction to a particular STEM topic and provides a glimpse into original research in that field. Students will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the research in that area and…