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Math Science Upward Bound, University of WashingtonUniversity of Washington

New STEM Activities Sponsored by the UW Campaign

10/23/2017 Update: See the feature on the UW Homepage on this new funding for the new STEM Activities at:

 UW STEMsub (Math Science Upward Bound) would like to thank the UW Campaign Sponsors for supplemental funding that has helped us provide authentic hands-on research and design opportunities for our students that will inspire them and give them the confidence they need to pursue STEM careers. This funding has allowed students in our Summer Academy to explore robotics, programming, 3D printing and gain research skills. It has allowed our program to establish a STEM Ambassadors program to train our students to become peer mentors and to develop and implement a STEM Survival Skills curriculum. It has enabled us to take our students to the Boeing Everett plant for a VIP tour of the production lines and meet with Boeing engineers. Without funding from the UW Campaign, we would not have been able to offer these enhanced opportunities to our students.

This additional funding has allowed us to engage our low-income and potential first-generation students in the real world, hands-on learning that is the most profound and enduring part of a STEM education. It has enabled us to obtain equipment and develop curriculum that will provide opportunities for our students for years to come. It has helped inspire our students, , transformed the way they learn and the way we teach, and increased their skills, confidence, and chance of success in STEM fields.

Students performing EKG Lab

Learning Skills for Success in STEM 

This summer, UW STEMsub was able to design, pilot, and implement a “STEM Survival Skills” curriculum for our Summer Academy. Our staff surveyed lab coordinators, instructors, and professors to determine what STEM skills students lack when they arrive at college. We created and delivered a new curriculum specifically designed to address these needs. This new curriculum made extensive use of the new computer lab, real-time data collection systems, and 3D printing/design hardware funded by the UW Campaign to help ensure that our students are prepared for college-level science and engineering classes. The second year of this sequence will culminate with students conducting small group independent research projects.

Students using new computers to learn 3D Design

Using New Computers to Learn 3D Design

During Summer Academy, UW STEMsub students used the new portable computers funded by the UW Campaign to learn Python programming, collect and analyze data in real time, and design/print in 3D. Students used these computers to conduct research, and prepare reports, presentations, and papers. The computers will also be used for SAT/ACT prep, college application, scholarship, and financial aid workshops.

Student removing finished 3D print

Exploring 3D  Printing

Students used the new computers,3D printers, and supplies, purchased with UW Campaign funds, to design and print their own 3D creations. This summer’s introduction to 3D design and printing provided them with a whole new (and very marketable) skill set and boosted their confidence that, yes, they DO belong in STEM.

Students performing EKG Experiment

Collecting Real World Data

Students worked together to produce a 3D model as part of their group project presentations related to one of our STEM Faculty Seminars. These models were featured at our Summer Awards Ceremony so families, guests, and staff could see the great work the students created.

This funding allowed us to outfit a portable science lab that provided students the opportunity to collect and visualize data in real-time and improve their experimental techniques, scientific reasoning, and troubleshooting skills. Students were presented with engaging opportunities for authentic inquiry where they were able to deeply explore and analyze data they collected as well as develop their skills and intuition for interpreting data.

Students at the Boeing Everett Plant

A Visit to Boeing in Everett

Thanks to our wonderful collaborators at Boeing and funding provided by UW Campaign, we were able to take our students on an Up Close and Personal VIP tour of the Boeing Everett plant for the first time. Students toured the 747, 777, and 787 production lines and got a glimpse of what it’s like to be an engineer at Boeing. Students were inspired, motivated, and amazed as they listened, observed and experienced firsthand where their academic future could take them. We are grateful to Boeing for supporting UW STEMsub and to the Boeing employees who took time out of their busy schedules to inspire growth, imagination, and innovation for the next generation of engineers, scientists, and technicians.


Student Ambassadors working together building a robot

New UW STEMsub Ambassadors


UW Campaign funds have allowed UW STEMsub to establish a STEM Ambassadors program in which students are learning robotics,3D design and printing. and receiving peer mentorship and tutor training. These student ambassadors will serve as mentors for other students at their schools at 3D Makers Parties and Mini Robotics Camps. The Ambassador program will provide our students with valuable technical and leadership experience, strengthen their resumes and college applications, and provide them with community service hours that they need for graduation. These events will also help our program expand our reach at our target schools and assist us in recruiting new students.

Assembling an FTC robot

Building our First Robot

The support of the UW Campaign has also allowed UW STEMsub to establish our first-ever robotics team to participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge competition. Participating in this robotics competition will allow our students to develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, develop their leadership potential, and learn the value of collaboration and thinking outside the box.




UW STEMsub would like to express our deep appreciation to the following UW Campaign Sponsors:

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