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Math Science Upward Bound, University of WashingtonUniversity of Washington


“UW MSUB is exceptional; I’m learning new things everyday.”

“I learned more in one day of Math class that I did in one month at school.”

“I have a chance to write my personal statement and I’m not a Junior yet.”

“I really don’t like to learn a foreign language but I find interest in learning Latin; I have learned a lot of English since learning the root of where words come from.”

“MSUB has many strengths and a particular one, important to me, is preparation and practice in note taking.”

“The quality of teaching is exceptional! I am amazed by Dave’s unconditional patience with the students – he never seems to crack under pressure. Mr. Fernandez is amazing at explaining Math!”

“MSUB is an amazing program and I enjoy attending every single day…I obtain more information in one day of MSUB that I do in school, and that makes me excited to come to class everyday to learn.”

“I have to admit I’m learning a lot in Math class, especially with homework everyday…and the teaching styles from every teacher/instructor is differenct. For example, in Putri’s class we learn a lot about technology while in Sharon’s class we learn about college reading. I’m also learning a lot from the field trips. So teaching at MSUB comes in a variety and that is good.”

“I really like the Math Science Upward Bound program because I gain valuable insights/experiences into other fields…It is surprising that within the first year of this program, we have already been exposed to so many different things. It is VERY well-done and well-organized.”