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Math Science Upward Bound, University of WashingtonUniversity of Washington

Seminars 2017

A highlight of our Summer Academy was a series of STEM Lectures delivered by University Faculty and Researches on a wide range of STEM topics. These presentations exposed student to college-level material and offered a glimpse of original research and career pathways in each discipline. They were supported by Study Sections to help students understand the lectures and extend their knowledge with hands-on activities and tours of University labs and facilities.


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Date Speaker/Lecturer Topic
May 25, 2017 Dave Wolczyk UW STEMsub Program Orientation
July 6, 2017 Dave Wolczyk STEM Survival Skills Overview
July 7, 2017 Anna M. Groat-Carmona Why Should We Study Global Health?
July 10, 2017 Todd Sperry Learning from Memory
July 11, 2017 Evan Goldstein The Force That Drives (Almost) Everything: How the World Works
July 13, 2017 Dargan Frierson Computer Models of the Earth’s Climate
July 14, 2017 Anna M. Groat-Carmona Developing New Strategies for Combating Malaria, Part II
July 17, 2017 Eric Chudler Journey into the Brain
July 18, 2017 Dave Wolczyk Developing Data Institution
July 20, 2017 Dave Wolczyk Scientific Modeling Making Sense of a Complicated World
July 21, 2017 Sara Goering Neuroethics
July 24, 2017 Mark Roth Adventures in Doing Nothing: Suspended Animation Biology
July 25, 2017 Tom Daniel Nature Inspired Engineering: Reverse Engineering Nature’s Robots
July 27, 2017 Dave Wolczyk How to get your Message Across
July 28, 2017 Brett Morris Hunting for Life in the Universe
July 31, 2017 Karla-Luise Herpoldt From Roman Gold to the Future of Vaccines
August 3, 2017 Franziska Roesner The Invisible Trail: Third-Party Tracking the Web
August 7, 2017 John Marzluff Gifts of the Crow
August 8, 2017 Randy Leveque Modeling Tsunamis and Their Impact