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Math Science Upward Bound, University of WashingtonUniversity of Washington

Classes 2013

Lectures and Study Sections

This class provides a series of seminars from experts in selected STEM fields. Each seminar offers an introduction to a particular STEM topic and provides a glimpse into original research in that field. Students will also have the opportunity to ask questions about research in that area and gain some insight into career pathways in the field. An emphasis is placed on cross-disciplinary topics that combine research from multiple fields.

The seminars are supported by Study Sections that help the students understand the Seminar content and learn study skills needed to succeed in lecture-type classes. In sections, students will also have the opportunity to tour labs and facilities on campus, take part in hands-on and computer activities, and work on their group projects.

College Prep

UW MSUB College Prep provides students with winning strategies to prepare them for 1) an increasingly competitive college admission’s process and, 2) the expectations of college once admitted.
This course will cover preparing for college, applying to college, and meeting college expectations.


This course provides an introduction to different types of engineering and the role engineers play in society. Students will learn the engineering design process and will gain hands-on experience applying it to a broad range of engineering topics.


This class serves as an introduction to the Latin language.  The emphasis will be on Latin vocabulary and how it connects to English, both colloquially and within STEM fields, with the goal of expanding your English vocabulary as well as preparing you for the language of your prospective careers.

Math 1

This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts taught in the beginning of Algebra 2 course and algebraic skills necessary for student’s success in Geometry course. Emphasis will be placed on linear, quadratic, rational, exponential expressions and equations.

Math 2

This course is designed to prepare a student for pre-calculus. It is the culmination of the study of functions prior to pre-calculus. The successful student will complete an algebra review, a detailed study of linear and quadratic functions graphs and models, and study of specific functions including powers, exponentials, logarithms, rational functions, ratios and angles and properties of similarities of triangles, and basic trigonometric functions; and demonstrate understanding of each. This study includes solving equations involving the relevant functions.

Math 3

This course is designed to strengthen the algebraic skills necessary for advanced classes such as Calculus, Statistics, and Physics.  The skills will be applied to periodic and exponential functions.

The course begins with a refresher of basic algebra operations and quickly adds complexity of binomial expansions.  Algebra applied to mathematical functions further exercises the students’ skills.  The relationship between exponential and logarithmic operations will be studied, followed by in-depth focus on the trigonometric functions and their algebraic properties.  The class will conclude with the students applying their skills to real-world situations and modeling behavior.

Math 4

This course provides an introduction to the concepts and operations of Differential Calculus.  The students will learn how their algebra knowledge and skills are utilized in this advanced mathematical subject.

The course begins with a refresher of algebraic methods as they are applied to mathematical functions.  These topics are then extended in a study of function limits, followed by both an intuitive and precise definition of the derivative.  Derivative operational methods will be developed for basic function types and then extended to products, quotients, and composition of functions.  The course will conclude with the students applying their knowledge to real-world modeling of rates of change and optimization.


Explore the causes of Flesh-Eating disease, Ebola fever, HIV, and malaria.  Find out about the different causes of disease, how disease progresses, explore the biological factors associated with disease emergence and re-emergence and consider the human activities that can increase or decrease the likelihood of outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Web Design & Development

This course is designed to give students a solid understanding best web practices, familiarize them to all the steps of website creation process, and ultimately teach them how to design and develop websites. Students will learn professional tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to manipulate photos and create web page design and graphics. They will then learn how to hand-code HTML5 and CSS3 to develop their designs into full-fledged websites.