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Math Science Upward Bound, University of WashingtonUniversity of Washington

2015 Awardees

Class Awardees

Instructors from each class nominated two students from each of their classes for awards. Just like last year, most instructors found it really hard to limit it to only two!

Study Section 1

Gizan G.
Outstanding Class Participation

Shirley C.
Most Thorough Notes and All-Around Academic Achievement

Study Section 2

Wanyu G.
Extraordinary Effort

Amy L.
Best Performance

Study Section 3

Michelle L.
Outstanding Scientific Contribution & Well Organization

Euntae K.
Curiosity & Big Thinking

College Prep 1

Wei Chun C.
Positive Academic Attitude – All around Excellence

Sung Mein C.
Unpretentious Thinker – Exerciser of Critical Thought

College Prep 2

Crissy C.
Future CEO – “She’s the Boss!”

Anthony S.
Humble, Hard-working & Involved – Metacognition in Action

research writing 1

Eric W.
Most Productive Academic Attitude

Johnny B.
The Thomas Edison Award for Determination and Perseverance

research writing 2

Euntae K.
The ‘Get it done, Then Make it Good’ Award for Achievement in Revision

Ngan D.
Gottfred Leibniz Award for Calculus Achievement

Math 1

Jada T.
Mathematics Performance

Yasmeen H.
Mathematics Achievement

Math 2A

Christine H.
Leonhard Euler Award for Understanding Connections Between Algebra, Functions, and Calculus

CuiTing C.
Pierre de Fermat Award for Mastery of Mathematical Function Properties, Limits, and Derivatives

Math 2B

Ruth P.
Mathematics Performance

Cindy H.
Mathematics Achievement

Math 3

Richard N.
Calculus Mastery

Ngan D.
Gottfred Leibniz Award for Calculus Achievement


Christine H.
The Jonas Salk Award of Excellence

Nhu N.
The Thomas Edison Determination Award

Aerospace Engineering

Amy L.
Wernher von Braun Aerospace Excellence

Jason D.
Otto Lilienthal Aerospace Innovation


Raymond H.
Master Translator

Jada T.
Most Dedicated Latinist

Computer Science

Kadir N.
Gabe Newell Personal Growth

Jason L.
Linus Torvalds Community Impact