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Math Science Upward Bound, University of WashingtonUniversity of Washington


Math 1

MWF 11-12

Algebra 2
Functional analysis of topics covered in Algebra 2, including exponential and logarithmic functions, polynomial functions, and rational and radical functions. Emphasis on graphing and use of graphing calculator skills.

Math 2

Section A MWF 1-2
Section B MWF 2-3

Precalculus level investigation of trigonometry. Topics include trigonometric functions, graphing, modeling, and use of identities.

Math 3

Section A MWF 11-12
Section B MWF 1-2

Calculus Prep
Geometry and Algebra review for students intending to take Calculus (AP or Running Start) in the fall. Topics include trigonometry, rational functions, polynomial word problems, optimization problems, exponential operations.

Math 4


MWF 2-3

Calculus Review
A deeper exploration of topics from Calculus. Topics include limits, derivatives,

Math 5


MWF 1-2

Probability and Statistics
An investigation of the principles of probability and statistical analysis, designed for students who have not taken a statistics course.

Math 6


MWF 2-3

Linear Algebra
Application focused exploration and introduction to Linear Algebra. Topics include systems of linear equations, vector spaces, matrices, subspaces, and applications.