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Math Science Upward Bound, University of WashingtonUniversity of Washington


DaveDave Wolczyk

David Wolczyk is the Director of the University of Washington Math Science Upward Bound (UW STEMsub) Program. He started in TRIO 18 years ago as a Tutor and Instructor at Columbia College in Chicago and since then has been an Instructor for the University of Washington Upward Bound (UB) Program and the Science and Technology Coordinator for UW UB and TRIO Training grants. He has taught courses on a wide variety of Science, Technology, and test-prep topics and pioneered the first Computer Assembly and Design course for TRIO students in 2001.

A TRIO Trainer since 1998, he has trained TRIO Staff from around the country on new techniques and best practices for using technology. He was a principal architect of the highly regarded UW TRIO Training online training, and has been a member of the TRIO Quest Advisory Committee since 2000. He studied Biology as an undergraduate, Evolutionary Genetics in graduate school, and spent a year abroad as a Watson Fellow in Europe conducting independent research on Acid Rain. Published works include articles in the Journal of Educational Opportunity, Genetics, and Science.

Dave loves spending his free time with his family or escaping to the mountains for skiing, hiking, cycling, or climbing.

SharonSharon Primm-Dayot

Sharon Primm-Dayot is a committed advocate for student and staff success. She has worked with TRIO programs since 1991 at the University of Washington. She worked for 9 years as a Trainer and Curriculum Coordinator for TRIO Training where she also supported TRIO Quest, a national web competition for TRIO students, for 15 years as an Upward Bound Instructor, and for 7 years as a UB Bridge College Instructor.

Currently, she is working for Math Science Upward Bound (UW STEMsub) as the Academic Advisor. In addition, she assists the Director as a liaison for UW STEMsub and other organizations and in gathering and evaluating data, writing grants, and developing an innovative program for the success of UW STEMsub students.

Personally, Sharon loves the chaos of keeping up with her family and friends through social media but truly loves it when they all come together for cooking, eating, singing, dancing, and laughing.


Michael Coats spent the past two years teaching math, robotics, and social studies to middle school and high school students.  Prior to that, he worked for 11 years as a modeling and simulation engineer, and holds master’s degrees in teaching and applied mathematics.  During that time, he volunteered in the schools as part of the Boeing After School Program.  He served in the US Navy for four years, and has lived in many places around the US and Europe.

Michael is the Curriculum Coordinator for Math Science Upward Bound (UW STEMsub).  Michael also tutors UW STEMsub students in math, physics, and chemistry.
Michael also enjoys reading and watching science fiction, playing board games and video games, and Chicago sports (Cubs/Bulls/Bears/Blackhawks)!  He also plays trombone in his community orchestra.


YoshikoYoshiko Ueda

Yoshi has been involved with TRIO since 2009 working with the University of Washington’s TRIO Training and Upward Bound Programs. As Program Coordinator for both programs, she is on the front line for each and is excited to begin a similar role for the Math Science Upward Bound Program. She is also a past student of Upward Bound and enjoys seeing the inner workings and being on the other side as a TRIO professional. She believes TRIO programs have a large impact on the lives of students and likes that she has a part in it.

When Yoshi is not acting as Program Coordinator, she enjoys finding cheap and delicious eats, listening to, discovering, and discussing all things music, and making mental notes of wacky situations to use in a future sitcom or book.


JANA Chieu

Jana is a student program assistant with UW STEMsub and has been involved with the program since 2013. She is an alumna of the first cohort of the program and is currently a student at the University of Washington – Bothell campus pursuing a degree in Health Studies with aspirations of becoming a nutritionist.

When Jana is not studying or working with UW STEMsub, she enjoys a very active lifestyle partaking in activities such as